Walden Cross Country Policy & Procedure Development

The Board recognizes the need to develop a series of policies and procedures that will lay the structure describing how the Club is to operate. These policies will solidify the structure we have been using and prepare us for changes that are coming. Already, several grant applications require that the organization have specific policies and procedures in place. Our main sports body, Nordiq Canada, the provider of our Liability Insurance and the Ontario Government all require that we have certain policies and procedures in place. The pending changes to the Non-Profit Corporations Act will also require revised operational changes which are best captured in policies.


Draft Policies

Policy Posting
Closing Date
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Policy Effective
PL-01-0 – Vision Statement (PDF) October 2014
PL-02-0 – Code of Conduct (PDF) January 2015
PL-07-0 – Health & Safety (PDF) September 2018
PL-08-0 – Concussion Management (PDF) February 2015
PL-09-2 GrantsforCompetitiveAthletes November 2019
PL-13-0 – Refund (PDF) June 2015
PL-14-2 – Walden Nordic Travel Expense Policy and Procedures (PDF) November 2015
PL-15-0 – Free Club Memberships (PDF) February 2018
PT – Asthma Protocol (PDF) May 2016
PT – Bodily Fluids Protocol (PDF) May 2016
PT – Lightning Protocol (PDF) May 2016
PT – Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) Protocol (PDF) May 2016
BL – Club Bylaws March 2001



Procedure Effective
PR-07-01-0 – Emergency Response Plans (PDF) January 5th 2015
PR-07-02-0 – Missing Person (PDF) January 5th 2015
PR-07-03-0 – Injured Person (PDF) January 5th 2015
PR-07-04-2 – Extreme Cold Weather (PDF) February 5th 2018



Form Effective
Missing / Injured Persons Form B  
Incident Report Form – Canadian Snowsports Association January 2015
Elite Athlete Grant Application January 2019
Membership Assistance Application