Winter Fat Biking


In cooperation with the Walden Mountain Bike Club (WMBC), WCCFC is offering Fat Biking on our groomed skate trails at the Naughton Trail Centre this winter during designated times. The arrangement is still in a trial phase, so feedback from all trail users is welcome throughout the season.

CHECK THE WEBSITE for fat bike trail conditions to ensure they are open. Just because ski trails are open, does not mean bike trails are too. Soft conditions and/or Ski Club events supersede riding. Cold weather will create a firm trail and this is key to making fat biking a low impact sport on ski trails. 

WCCFC Memberships or Fat Bike Day/Night Passes are required to access the trails;
Day Pass: $15
Night Pass: $12

You can only your ride fat bikes on the trails, so leave your mountain bike at home.  Fat bikes have special frames to accommodate tires 3.7” and wider.  Tire pressure is also a very low at 5-10 psi, providing a large contact patch on the snow, good traction and preventing the tire from sinking into the trail.  

WHERE CAN I RIDE?fatbike-trail-sign
The trails will be marked to indicate which trails are open and closed to Fat Biking. The ski trails for fat biking include the 1 km loop, 3km loop and the 9km loop. 

Group Rides will be scheduled one or two times per week when the weather and trail conditions line up to allow for fat biking.  Join the Fatbike Sudbury Facebook Group and keep an eye on the WMBC website for dates. 

– At Naughton, you must be a WCCFC seasons pass holder or day pass holder.trailcourtesylogo
– Ride only on trails assigned for biking.
– Minimum tire tread width is 3.7”.  Fat Bikes Only – No Mountain Bikes.
– Allow the track time to set up (harden) after grooming and before riding.
– Do not ride in or close to the classic ski tracks.
– Yield to all other users when riding. Skiers don’t have brakes but you do!
– Ride on the firmest part of the skate track and away from the edges.
– Leave room for skiers to pass (don’t ride side-by-side with all of your buddies blocking the full trail).
– As a general rule, if you have to get off and push your bike, the snow is too soft and you shouldn’t be on the ski trails. If you leave a rut, it’s too soft.
– If you are leaving a trough that is deeper than an inch or are having a hard time riding in a straight line, your tire pressure is too high or it is probably too soft to be on the trails.
– Be a good trail citizen and if for some reason you to leave ruts that will impact skiing negatively please leave the trail.  Also please let the main desk know so we can let others know.
– Since this is a new sport remember Fat Bikers are ambassadors for the sport so please: be polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time – this winter.
-Dogs are not allowed on the ski trails.